It was simply an awesome day!

The 1st Annual Foothills Comic Con was a huge success Saturday at the Crescent Point Field House in Aldersyde.

I knew it was going to be a good day when I pulled up around 9:45 Saturday morning to an almost full parking lot.

One of the giveaways of a good Con is when you see a bunch of people with their trunk lids up, and people standing behind them in various states of dress or undress.


Because they're changing into their costumes for the day.

That's part of the Con experience is seeing and being seen, and many people don't want to drive in their costumes because they could be cumbersome or impair their vision, so they tend to get "dressed" in the parking lot.

So, judging by the number of people "suiting up" I knew we were going to be in for a good day.

And no one was disappointed, right from the start there was a certain "fever pitch" spread over the two arena floors in the giant field house.

The volunteers and staff were simply amazing, and it was easy to tell who they were as they were decked out in bright red capes!

They were able to answer questions and head off problems with ease, all with huge smiles, as they were having just as much fun as those taking part.

Plenty of people I talked to were from the local area, and were just tickled to have their own Comic Con right here in the Foothills.

And plenty of people came from out of town specifically for the Con, which was great to see.

It was hard to peg exactly how many people came out, because the two floors were so big 500 people could seem like 50, but it was steady all day with several people having to tour the parking lot before coming up with a spot.

Of course all the money raised from the FCC goes right into the pockets of the Foothills Fetal Alcohol Society, which everyone was very happy about, and willing to spend money to help promote.

Dozens of vendors helped make the Con the success it was as they sold all things geek!

Just about everyone who walked out of the venue did so with some trinkets and treasures in their shopping bags.

And of course the cosplayers, you know, those people changing in front of their open trunks, were the stars of the show as people were incredibly creative in their costumes.

The costume contest was a big hit, as both the kids and adults had winners chosen for best costumes.

High River's Jim Morgan from AJ's Trophies provided the trophies for the winners and they were amazing as they were topped with "Superman" figures!

Overall no one heard a negative comment from the day, what was heard though was lot's of laughter and fun and one big question, "Are you doing it again next year?"

My bet is yes, yes they are!

So, as we like to say at the Cons! "Live Long And May The Force Always Be In Your Favour!" is High River's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.