carol macmillan council candidate 2017

(Counillor MacMillan holds an election sign used in her bid to win a seat in High River)


Well, it's all over till the next time and as the dust settles there were some changes in Turner Valley,

Mayor Snodgrassis back in High River and the downtown parking issues didn't seem to hurt his trying for

a second term.  A new Councillor in High River and a familiar old name are in and Delilah Miller is back in

Div 2.  For all of the election results go to


A special thanks to all who tossed their name in the ring (a ton of names in the Okotoks Councillor race)

You need to be thanked for your contribution, it is a big step for most and I for one tip my hat to all.


Have a great "Post Election" Tuesday.


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