city hall high river oct 9 2018


We did get back for a couple of days of work in 2018 if you were one of the few last week,

now it's back to work for everyone who took a few extra days in 2018.    It is time to get the

wheels rolling in 2019.  A ton of people try resolutions to motivate them in to a new year,

myself I try not to get to carried away in promising myself to much because  I don't want

to disappoint.  How about You?  Do you make a list of resolutions or do you go easy on yourself?


The High River Flyers in the HJHL lost on the weekend to the North's Ponoka,  The Lakers of 

Lomond had a tough weekend too, meanwhile the Bisons of Okotoks were in the win

column after their tilts on the weekend.  The Oilers of Okotoks in the AJHL won against

a couple of North Div. competitors on the weekend.   For all of the story in sports today



A friend posted on facebook today this little tid bit, "If a robber comes here in January looking

for money at my house and I catch em' I'd join him in the search and split it"!


Enjoy your week and day!


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