It was another amazing day for the Sunshine Patrol; this day held even more importance as we were able to celebrate 151 years of Canada!

It was an action packed day and everyone was so happy to be involved with the various events planned for the day.

Our day started in Blackie for the Canada Day Parade where multiple floats and animals were involved in the Canada Day Parade. There were many smiling faces of both the young and young at heart watching the parade and catching candy. It was a great to see everyone so happy and excited to celebrate Canada Day.

canada day 005 july 1 2018

After the parade was over I was able to go to the High River celebration in George Lane Park.

There was so much to do and see in High River at the Park. Hundreds of people attended the event and we were able to speak with families throughout the day who were enjoying the planned activities and entertainment.

canada day 016 july 1 2018

There was various bouncy castles and obstacle courses set up for the kids to try out. It was a success as the kids all seemed to have a lot of fun and were able to run around, listen to live music and eat from the various food trucks or the Lions concession.

When interviewing a little girl on how her day was going so far she responded with “...I had a lot of fun today, I went on some monkey bars and raced with my friend on the bouncy castle...”. Another child I was able to interview was a 12-year old boy who was SO excited to be on the radio that he voluntold himself to be my assistant for the rest of the day.

With his help we interviewed many different people and got lots of entries in the Ride the Ram Contest.

There was also multiple performers including Brettyn Rose, Larry Vannatta, and Fraid Knot. These were all very good performers and included guests in their songs and making the performance that much more enjoyable. I had the pleasure of interviewing Brettyn Rose, the winner of Okotoks Idol 2017. She has a great personality with the voice of an angel.

canada day 022 july 1 2018

The River City Classic Car Club was also showing off their cars and various vehicles of all colours and styles. They were all set up in the baseball diamond where people could come and see them as well as jump in and test out the seats.

canada day 018 july 1 2018

I hope you had the chance to join in on some Canada celebration of your own with friends and family!! If you have an event that you’d like me to attend please email me at: [email protected]

Have a great day,
Cassidy Read
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