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Great weather to me when I was younger meant grabbing my bike and heading out to the 6th

Line and heading to a little bridge with a small creek running through it which was full of cat fish. 

The bridge was a little over a mile out of town and it seemed like forever to get there.  When we

did make it the joy was to have a fish on the line before your buddy.


Free Fishing weekend in the province was this past weekend and I totally missed it.  As we mature

(get older) we tend not to take as many days as we should to enjoy the serenity of fishing and

relaxing by a stream.  I vow this weekend with time off to get my license and head out to a stream

just like when I was a kid.


What did you do as a kid that you could do right now to relive the fun of just having not a care in the world?

Try doing that in the summer and report back to yourself on how fun it was just taking a day to smell the roses. 

This blog is to encourage me to get off my derriere and in to nature because I have been thinking about

doing just that all summer long.


Enjoy a day out fishing or doing what you like to do maybe with a friend or child or grandchild this summer,

I think it will be good for the both us.


Charlie Brown


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