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Hockey started it and The Oscars ended it when it came to my weekend past.

The Junior Flyers hosted Coaldale in Game Number 4 of their series on Friday

and although the Flyers didn't get a great start, goalie Chance Vinck did and led

his Flyers to overtime against a Copperhead team who were playing on an

emotional roller coaster after sad news had hit their team this past week and

on the way to the game Friday.  Morgan Simpson their team mate and friend

was hurt in an accident and passed away Friday prior to the hockey game.

Pastor Jack Knight was called in and met with the teams before an emotional

on ice moment of silence by both teams paid tribute to the fallen player.  I was

on the Mic Friday and was so touched at the sportsmanship that all of the young

men showed before the game. The game ended with a lopsided shot count in favor

of the Copperheads and  eventually the overtime goal that won the game midway

through the overtime period.  A Krafthockeyville crew were at the game during the

first period on Friday night and filmed dignitaries through the day for an upcoming

segment of their show.  The High River committee are looking to be chosen as a

finalist in the show sometime mid March.  The Flyers put up a great fight Saturday

in Coaldale but lost 2-1 in a strongly played game once again by Chance Vinck.

Now it's all about next year for our Junior Flyers who enjoyed a pretty good year

this year in the HJHL.


I wrapped my weekend watching The Oscars and slept through most of it.  I did

hear in my sleepy hollow eyed way that Canadians won a couple of the Oscars

awarded as a part of the crew that won The Academys Film of the year

"The Shape of Water", so all was not lost on the night I guess.


Have a great week.


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