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January, a time to reflect on how much you spent over the holidays, setting budgets for

a New Year & shoveling snow.  January is always a time to worry about the credit card

statements that will greet you soon enough coming in the mail.  January is a time to think

of warmer climbs and maybe going on the WestJet site or your favorite place to get a trip

somewhere warmer if you are a Canadian.


This year for me, January is a time to mourn, we lost a cousin this past week in Brian Sweet. He

was a solid citizen who was a part of a company my Uncle started back in Toronto.  Brian

did well in the family business along with his sister Tonya and Mom (My aunt Barb).  Brian

was just 55 shoveling snow and not feeling well.  He collapsed and quickly left us.  I bring

his name up in my blog because all of us cousins on both my Mom and Dad's side of the

family loved each other and thanks to our parents respected each other while growing up.

To lose a cousin at a young age of 55 breaks all of our hearts and sadly Brian was I believe

the youngest of the boys on my Mom's side.  Many days were spent in Kleinberg Ontario

at my Uncle Del and Aunt Barb's, climbing exploring and being kids.  Reflecting on the

good times has made me feel better.  Just when you think the bad news ends, a very dear

family friend passes away and that sadness is back.  This time we have lost a person

who was both of our parents best friend and along with his wife Carol were mentors to us kids

along with raising their 5 daughters.  Merritt was a kind soul who when our Dad left this

world at a young age became a go to second Father.  Merritt (a farmer) had my brother 

work on his farm for years helping shape the great work ethic my Brother has today. 

Merritt taught me that sometimes the church you are in on Sunday doesn't always

need a pulpit.  He told me this while fishing with him in Northern Ontario at a little

vacation hideaway we went to every year called Restoule. 


My message from this blog is this, enjoy life, be kind & think of others and always

know, "You don't always need a pulpit to be with God".



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