snow weather 002 feb4




Did everything start for you today?  These cold days also are no fun with mobile homes

this time of year and getting water to the animals can be a handful when things freeze up.

I hope everything is working well for you on this cool day.  My truck wouldn't start through

the last cold spell and Christmas but knock on wood fired up today at 4:40am which is

a good feeling on a cold morning.  It is amazing how the simple things in life, like a car or

truck starting is a big thrill this time of year for us in the the North Country.  I see my

cousins in The Carolina's had some white stuff this past week too and my cousin didn't

seem to impressed.  Reg grew up in Michigan and spent a lot of time working in warmer

climbs around the world and even found our nice fall evenings cool when visiting Alberta

a number of years ago.  Put the long johns on for a couple more days and life will come

around to normal.


Stay HEALTHY and warm!


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