eli gosselin

The Eli Gosselin Memorial Game Friday night had people in tears and many stories shared from hockey

to roping.  Some Blackie friends of the Gosselins added $1000.00 from a local event which Dave and

Tracy Schaefer along with Gerry Ellice spearheaded.  The game was a loss to The Bisons but a great

event for the Memorial Fund in Memory of Eli Gosselin. (The captain) The fund is responsible for

awarding over  $20,000 in bursaries to young players & graduates of The Flyers since its inception.

The Krafthockeyville High River Group is meeting tonight at 7pm at The Bob Snodgrass Arena.

They are in search of people to tell their hockey story on the High River page at krafthockeyville.ca

The Group gets 10 points every time a story gets shared and they need you folks. It is easy to do a

story, simply go to krafthockeyville.ca and follow the prompts.  If You need help join the group tonight

at The Bob Snodgrass Rec Plex at 7pm.


If High River can put a WIN together with Kraft Hockeyville,  $250.000 will be awarded to us for arena

upgrades.  There are subsidiary prizes up for grabs too.  Go to krafthockeyville.ca to register and add

a story.  Join the crew tonight at the Bob Snodgrass at 7pm for details.


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