Is there an option now to trick or treat or do people just offer treats because the ghoulish forgot

to offer the option trick or treat?  To trick or get a treat?  We as kids in the late 60's yelled trick

or treat before we got to a house and it always seemed fun but we never really had a plan if we

didn't get the ultimate which was a treat.

One Halloween, (rumor was it was a young Tommy Cook) put a bag of something on my Grandma

Browns doorstep and knocked.  My Grandma came out and stepped in to that bag and was not

impressed.  When I went to her house later that night she was blaming another kid down the street and

wasn't too impressed, I don't think she ever knew who the real culprit was.

Halloween for me was social but mostly there was a greed in my veins to get more candy than my

bigger brother and sister, there goal (because they were older) was to hang at home and help eat all

my hard earned trick or treatin candy.

If you do trick or treat be safe wear bright colors and enjoy the night.



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