It was a wonderful Heritage Day in High River and the weather was absolutley perfect with not a cloud in the sky! Sheppard Family Park is a large part of High River and its story is very special. The homestead originally belonged to Ruth Maccoy and when she passed away her land was willed to the town; ever since it has held a special place in the High River community.

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Ruth Maccoy lived in High River from 1925-1195 and worked on her artwork for just a short four years from 1949 to 1952. In fact, many different pieces of her artwork were found, both finished and unfinished. Since being recovered they have been cleaned, copied and framed to sell to the public to help continue to raise funds for the upkeep of the land. Emily Caue and Janet Snider were helping sell the art work and telling visitors Ruth's lovely story.

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There were many events held outside at Sheppard Family Park as well as tours of both the Little Bow School and the Mcdougall House. School based fieldtrips as well as other events that can be held at Sheppard Family Park - even in the school house! If you would like more information about renting out the schoolhouse email Janet at [email protected]

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There was also live music and performers playing all throughout the day!

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Al Dickie and his helper Art Cave brought Al's (right) handmade model threshing machine. This is no ordinary machine as it actually runs just like it should and has all the bells and whistles. It was a great addition to Heritage Day in the Park!

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I was able to get a tour of the Mcdougall House from Edna Horn, a long time volunteer at the park. I learned lots about the history of the house and got to "step into the past" for a few minutes!

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The Iron Clover was showcasing what it is like to be a Blacksmith and the work that goes into creating some of the items we use in our day to day lives.

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Throughout the day there was a BBQ where friends and family could get a hotdog, a bag of chips and a pop for $4 and a nice slice of homemade pie, either apple or strawberry rhubarb, for $3 to finish off their great Heritage Day!!

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If you were not able to make it to Heritage Day at the Park make sure you put September 9th in your calendar as it is the date of the annual Threshing Bee that will be happening at Sheppard Family Park.


Hope you have a great day,

Cassidy Read

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