voting hockeyville 001 march31 2018


Well it was a battle, steeped in High River tradition the town came together in their homes,

at the Snodgrass and other coffee nooks and crannies through the town to vote from Friday

till Saturday at 6:30pm.  Most were confident at the Cargill Fieldhouse leading up to the

LIVE Sportsnet Hockey Night announcement from Garry Bettman President of the NHL that

High River had a legitimate shot to win the crown.  When the announcement came, the Fieldhouse

gathering were stunned and then quiet as the reality of the situation set in and High River would

have to settle for $25,000 as a finalist in the Kraft competition.  In addition a $10,000 bursary from

the NHL Players Association will be a part of the runner up prize.


Two Words High River if I could.  BE PROUD!  What a great group got this all going with the

original leader Melissa Pryor's push and a story from Cathy Couey starting the ball rolling.  The

town and others got behind this great thing and the rest is history.  Congratulations to all who

helped from voters to volunteers.  Enjoy the time you were together and pushing each other

to make it happen.  Throw away the bad times and remember the "Good Times".


Charlie Brown

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