Carrie cadillacs


In this blog on such a wonderful day I will try and name the most influential women in

my life from the start till now.  This will be a big list starting with the lady who gave me life

Mrs. Isabelle (Ameloot) Brown.  Mom's maiden name was Sweet and that is exactly what

she is to this day.  The sweetest lady I know of whom I had my differences through the years,

mostly from my imaturity in my younger years. The list continues with a wonderful Aunt Gail

Brown, Grandma (Tilley) Brown, Grandma (Sweet) Bugg, Mary Jean Brown, Carol (Sadie)Williams,

Lyn (Williams) Faulds, Judy (Melon) McDonald, Jean Wilcocks, Sister Patti Ann, Shelley Repka

Willard, Carment Toth, Miss Burley (English Teacher) Brenda Wilcocks, Bev Edwards, Wendy

Morningstar, Wendy Bair, Miss Ross (3rd grade teacher) Shelley Repka Willard, Carmen Toth,

Orvella Small, Mary Rollins and of course my wife Tracy and daughters Stevie-Lee and Madison Ann. 

I think what most of these women inspired me to be was kind, as Tim McGraw says,

"Always Be Humble and Kind". 


Thanks ladies, if I missed You please let mew know, I will add You in.


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