charley brown 005 may 2017

They are in every week and fortunately so are Fridays, Saturday (my fav) and Sunday's.

What is your favorite day of the week?  Although I love my job I do enjoy waking at or around

6am Saturday and watching my fishing shows.  I usually fall back to sleep in the chair prior

to them finishing but it doesn't matter, it's Saturday.  The snooze button doesn't have to be

pushed three times before I fully awake and I normally have a pretty good day each and

every Saturday of the work year.  A late breakfast, running of my dogs Mike and Cheeno

and then relaxing until Don and Ron and the rest of The Hockey Night in Canada crew start

the hockey broadcast and boom my favorite day is complete.   A wind down to hockey may

be a flick or an hour or so of my favorite Netflix show.  Lately I have binge watched, Better Call

Saul, Flaked and most of the comedy specials along with movies like Jack Black in The Polka King,

most of Adam Sandler, David Spade and that Kevin Guy's movies that was in that show that

had that girl that took the Scientology people to task.  What is her name?  That is what my

favorite day of the week usually entails through the winter months.  Leah Remini is the girl

by the way and Kevin James the guy who I tried to remember.  There, now I can sleep.


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