It's what jokes are made of and employees hold their breath over, Monday.  I think

it's received a bad hit over the years, Monday although the start of the work week

really is just another day or is it?  We had an ongoing joke when I worked for a

company in Calgary that Monday and the ill feeling you get on Sunday was created

by the Monday morning meeting established by our owners and their Managers.

I am ok with Monday especially when I have had a particularly slow boring

weekend and want to get back on the radio to tell everyone about it starting

at 6am.  Although I was off this weekend and had one of those boring kind of

weekends I have to admit it was great to just relax and enjoy the peace.  My

favorite weekends consist now of Grand Kids visiting and getting up and adam

usually just after 6 even though I could sleep in.  The NHL All-Star game robbed

me of watching my Leafs or Flames play on the weekend but their was a golf

tourney on TV from Torrey Pines so that got me through some of the weekend.

Running my dogs, eating a good breakfast and enjoying my wife's strong coffee

completed my weekend.  How was your weekend?  If it was as boring as mine

would you write about it like I do on the blog?  I know, probably NOT!


I watched the Alberta Country Music Awards from Red Deer last night on You

Tube. One of the speakers who is in The Hall of Fame used to be our all night person

in Red Deer when I was just starting on radio.  I guess if I had stayed on the air all

of those years I may be close to The Hall of Fame too, probably just to clean the urinals.


Have a great week!


Charlie Brown

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