waterton 001 july 15 2018

(photo: Waterton downtown)

Good Morning, I went through a goofy week last week feeling great to start and in the Hospital

by Thursday and that wasn't my plan.  What started out as a flu type bug decided to give me

more grief than a pack of wasps at a summer picnic which coincidentally happened at our supper

outside Saturday evening at our home.  I think the wasps decided it was getting close to cooler

weather and it was time to be aggressive.  The bad part of the aggressiveness in our case was

that we were trying to have a barbecue with the Grand Kids in the back yard.  Just a heads up,

the wasps (at least around our place) love raising cane this time of year.  My only wasp bite in the

last number of years actually occurred when our daughters were quite a bit younger.  We were

having a barbecue in the back yard and I was transporting my wonderfully charred Alberta beef 

burgers up the step on a tray when BAM, two wasp bites on my calf at the same time.  That

day was still a good day as the burgers were outstanding but man those wasp bites of late summer



The World lost John McCain on the weekend, although we are in Canada I am influenced enough by

our friends in the South to have been impressed by Mr. McCain.  Political interests aside I liked his

commitment to his country not only as a veteran and politician but as a humanitarian as well.  I

would use the word honest to describe him to, as well as  "humorous".  The world would be OK with

more in it like Mr. McCain.


Have a great week and stay away from the Wasps.





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