charley brown 005 may 2017

This past weekend the Brown family were saddened with the loss of our Chris.  Chris was a year

older than me and one of the cousins I would cling to at family gatherings as a youngster.  Me in

my bell bottom plaid pants and she in her conservative blouse and skirt would always seem to be

a duo when it came to turkey and ham gatherings for the Brown family.  My cousin Chris and her

family lived in Port Huron Michigan and to me it was always a real thrill to make our way to the

Blue Water Bridge to take it to Port Huron along the St. Clair River on the Michigan side.

I saw my first Professional Hockey game at the Port Huron Arena with Chris's Dad Reg.  That day

will always be a great memory for me, along with trips to Chris's family cabin on the Canadian side

of Lake Huron.  As we move forward in life the thing that affects me the most is losing childhood 

friends and heroes.  Chris was both to me and I think I looked up to her because of her great battle

with Type I diabetes from an early age.  Despite what Chris went through as a child in to her teen

years she seemed to always have a smile whenever I would see her. (which wasn't much lately, sadly)

Chris had lived for years now in the Southern States (I guess "The Carolina's" is what we Canadians

would call it) were her Mom, my Aunt Mary Jean moved a number of years ago. 


My American Cousin Chris along with her siblings, Reg, Cindy, Pam and Parents Aunt Mary Jean and

Uncle Reg will always hold a big place in my heart and all of the other Browns on the Canadian side.


RIP Chris, I love You!

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