tate barton carol macmillan 001 april18 2018

(photo; Tate accepts an award from Councilor Carol MacMillan, just one of many to come)

A family loses someone to cancer, that happens often and it is always a struggle.

Cancer is a fact of life and losing our loved ones to it is not something anyone wants

to go through.  Tate Barton lost his Mom and wanted to pay tribute to her.  Tate's Lemonade

Stand was a way for Tate to reach out and help those dealing with cancer and remembering

his Mom.  The project started with small goals and now Tate has a goal of raising a quarter

of a million dollars in memory of his Mom before he is 18.  Last night in Calgary Tate was

awarded the Western Legacy Award for Youth from the Calgary Stampede.  The Lemonade

Stand will continue to pay tribute to Tate's Mom and raise money for a great cause in the

years to come.


Way to Go Tate!



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