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Good Morning, here are the cheat notes for Terrific Turkey Trivia coming up this morning on the AM 1140

Morning Show.  Listen and get 2 of 3 answers correct to WIN a Fresh, Free Range, Never Frozen Turkey

from Hirsche Fraser Meats in Okotoks for the holiday dream supper.


  • Turkey, like poultry, is lower in cholesterol than beef an many other meats. The dark meat (thigh, legs,) contains more fat and cholesterol than white meat. So, that's why dark meat tastes so good!
  • Male Turkeys are called "Toms" or "Gobblers", female turkeys are called "Hens" and baby turkeys are called "poults".
  • How's that taste? Old Toms are better tasting then young toms. Conversely, young hens taste better than old hens.

Good Luck!


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