tara smith roe


I waited a few days to write about my feelings from this past weekend because I wanted to come from the

heart and of course be accurate with the story.  The sadness and tragedy from evil that unfolded in Edmonton

was again back later in the weekend at Las Vegas.   Both very tragic and sad, the happenings of this past

weekend brought out the best in people, people young and old who reached out a hand while someone was

in need or needing to be comforted.  I look back on the weekend events with sadness in my heart for victims

and those who first responded knowing that I have no idea what they must have went through.  


A lovely young Mom of two who works for the Foothills School Division as an Educational Assistant was taken

this past weekend while on a trip with her husband to celebrate an Anniversary.  Seeing the news of Tara (Smith) Roe

missing after the events in Las Vegas made the rest of the day not matter on Monday.  Now that the official word of

her passing came from her family it saddens me more to learn of this tragic death that make so many hurt.


My thought is to keep my loved ones close, keep living and trying to get a bit kinder every day.  It seems that

some of the world is not doing that unfortunately.  As Tim McGraw's song says, "Always be Humble and Kind".

The title of my blog is, "Tragedy always brings out the best in people".  Let's you and I change things up and

"be our best  in hopes of preventing this type of tragedy again".  One at a time as the old saying goes.


John Lennon said it, let's live it, "Give Peace a Chance"!




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