upper highwood goa flickr july24 2017 001

With a heat warning in place for Southern Alberta today people that don't appreciate the heat will be in basements

everywhere.  A good air conditioner and a great movie will keep you out of the heat if you are home, if you are

working outside on roads like many do or in fields like a great part of our population does make sure to drink

plenty of fluids.  Stay out of that direct heat and wear  a good hat, (the bigger the better) and I will feel better.


The spray park is open at 1819 High Country Drive in High River from 10am-7pm tonight, a Dairy Queen treat or a

nice cold bottle of water may have to follow to make it an even better day for the kids.  A ton of people are heading

to the rivers in both Okotoks and High River with this 30 degree plus heat, most of them with a tube, if not a tube

take some sort of floating device and plenty of fluids.


Enjoy the sun and wear plenty of good sun block.




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