robin alexander 3 

 (RCMP Staff Sergeant Robin Alexander doesn't think things will change to much from a policing perspective)


I saw a picture on a facebook page last night of a "before" and "after"  of Canada when weed

was illegal and then the picture when it was legal.  It was the same picture of two lawn chairs looking

over a lake.  In my opinion nothing will really change after this day except the users will probably be

less paranoid of the authorities unless of course they are driving while under the influence.  The days

of hippies smoking weed in an abandon house in the movies will probably be different now that pot

is out in the open and legal or will it?  For years pot smokers were associated with laziness, good

for nothing losers. (according to my Dad's generation)  Will media now be allowed to depict users

as vibrant parts of our business world and community now that it is legal?  Who knows what tomorrow

will bring.  One question, now that it is legal in Canada what will happen with the 4/20 celebration in April?

If you are not familiar with 4/20 it is the day every year that pot smokers would unite, I am not sure what

they did because my daughter just told me about this day just a few years ago.  She never got in depth

as to what it was all about but I am sure more chips and chocolate bars were sold on that day over 

the years. And so it goes, have a great day (man).


Congratulations on this day if you partake.


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