snow 005 march 15 2018


Forgive me if you love winter, I don't.  If I could spend most of the winter months in San Diego I would

be there.  Money and being Canadian holds me back, but imagine 68-75 degrees F every day,

no snow shovelling, no frost, no icicles, no hassles.  Well now back from the dream and how

much I love Alberta, I really do.  Alberta is the best place to live in the World, I am not arguing that

but the fact that we could get snow in most month's of the year kind of irritates me. (almost as much

as Calgary construction)  What do you do to rid yourself of the winter blues?  Loud music? A good

workout? (indoors?)  A barbeque with your partner cooking in the cold?  I think there is light

at the end of the "Winter Tunnel" in Alberta and it's coming my friends, enjoy it, it may not last long

after all we are in Alberta.  The look to my west while running my dogs daily helps me to forgive

Alberta for the odd harsh winter.  The Rocky Mountains with all of their beauty still take my cares

away with one look.


With what our friends went through this past week in Saskatchewan make our winter blues a non

issue.  The outpouriong of love and prayers has made me sit back and realize we live in a pretty

remarkable place in Canada.  Enjoy your family, enjoy what they do and tell them you love them.


Have a great weekend!



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