On Wednesday, June 7, 100 Women Who Care Foothills presented their latest donation.

The group, comprised of women from around the Foothills, meets four times a year to decide on a local organization that will receive the next donation, and each member contributes at least $100 to the total.

Julie Hodge, who currently leads the group, says despite the name, they’d actually love to see the membership far exceed 100.

“We’re always looking for new members… we’re really trying to spread the word. Just imagine if 500 people donated $100 every quarter, how much huger these cheques could be and how much more good we could do.”

This time around, they handed over $12,920 to the Solace Grief Support Society.

It was their second-largest donation on record, just behind the November 2022 donation of $13,620.

They provide free grief support services in the Foothills and surrounding areas in a variety of ways, including for individuals, and in the form of group sessions including a men’s group. They’ve also continued to offer virtual support for those that require it even after the pandemic.

Andrea Taylor, president of the Solace Grief Support Society, said they currently work with four grief counsellors on a contract basis, with their compensation being one of the expenses this donation will contribute to.

“We only pay our counsellors a small amount for the services they provide, a huge service. We have office space where our counsellors can see clients individually, and if we didn’t have the dollars that come in from things like the 100 Women’s Club, we wouldn’t be able to provide that service.”

More information can be found on their website.

More information on 100 Women Who Care Foothills including membership info and a list of their donations since November 2015 can be found here.