Lacrosse Mom, Alesha Manning is getting ready to shuttle her son to an elite tournament.

This time though, it's a bit of a drive, all the way to Oakville, Ontario.

Manning's 14-year-old son Austin has made the U17 Jr. Roughnecks roster as a goalie for the esteemed tourney.

She says she and her husband couldn't be more thrilled.

"We're just so proud. You know he worked so hard and it's just... such an honour."

14-year-old Austin is really excited to have made the team after tryouts earlier this summer.

And at the age of only 14 he's already been playing lacrosse for most of his young life.

"I've been playing as a lacrosse goalie for probably nine years now, but I started playing lacrosse I'd say about ten years ago."

He says he got into the sport because his two older sisters were heavily involved in the sport.

Manning currently plays for the Hoks in the Calgary District Lacrosse Association.  

The 9th annual JR NLL (National Lacrosse League) tournament is in Oakville, Ontario from August 18th to 20th.

Austin Manning in action for the Hoks (photo supplied by rxrpix)Austin Manning in action for the Hoks (photo supplied by rxrpix)

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