Ready your forks and prepare your stomach.

The Calgary stampede released their list of Sweet and heat treats to downright strange offerings.

Making the list this year... KD soft serve ice cream, Meal Worm Hotdogs, and pickles in every shape and form. That's just the tip of the strange.

New foods to hit the midway this year:

-Glazed donut grilled cheese
-Kraft dinner soft serve
-Deep-fried oreo mini donuts
-Honey habanero ice pops
-Lemon meringue lychee lemonade
-Bad breath lemonade: lemonade with a smooth, "delicious" garlic & caramelized onion finish
-Mealworm hot dogs
-Cricket hot dogs
-Waffle cookie dough ice cream sandwiches
-Pig-kle sandwiches
-Cookie dough-nut cookie dough
-Bao baos
-Unagi sushi tacos
-Octopus Rangoon

Find more info on the Stampede website!

If you want to get into the "YeeHaw" spirit early, the Calvery FC Feild house is holding the Calgary Stampede Community Round Up on June 4th starting at 9 a.m.