A heatwave is coming over the next four days however it won't last.

Kyle Fougere, meteorologist with Environment & Climate Change Canada, says the next couple days look great.

"There is a ridge of high pressure that's kind of sliding off to the east and so, what that's going to do is generate these westerly winds. It's going to give a kind of Chinook to the Okotoks and High River area. So, we're looking at forecast highs for the next four days that are within that 5 to 10 degrees."

A high of 6 is expected today with highs of 10 this Friday and Saturday.

However, Fougere says it's not going to last.

"It's going to be short-lived unfortunately. It is a very snowy time of the year in southern Alberta right now with March being the snowiest time of year, April being the second snowiest and it's likely to continue as we move forward with a low pressure system expected to move through this weekend and early next week and likely more snow on the horizon."

He wasn't just the bearer of bad news though as he says due to the mean temperatures being below the freezing mark it should be a slow melt.