It was an incredible weekend in the Foothills.  From Alberta Culture Days to the 2013 Heritage Inn Hot Air Balloon Championships to the 11th Annual River City Classics Car Club Show and Shine.  We had thousands of visitors to our community and over 1500 cars!  Thank you to all who came out for the fun.

I still cannot believe that I faced a huge fear in my life and got into a hot air balloon.  It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done!  And it was so cool to take you along with me.  Thank you for all the support you gave me before, during and after! 

This is me almost taking off...on the air with Sean in-studio trying to smile and be cool.


As the balloon starts to inflate...

My pilot and crew assembling the basket and burner.

And here is a bit of the video of my balloon morning shot by High River Online's Russ Skeet.

No screaming at launch cause I seriously could hardly talk.  But it was the most incredible experience ever!

Friday night was a super-cool event for spectators and balloonists.  The Night Glow.  Charlie Brown played the tunes and we loved what we saw!  Thanks to the Town of High River for sponsoring this event.

It was also the weekend where the new Stampede Royal Trio got crowned.  We were cheering loudly for High River's Jaden Holle.  Although she didn't take a crown home with her yesterday we are very proud of how well she did!  Great job Jaden!

We are also pleased to Welcome the new trio.  Your 2014 Stampede Queen is Danica Heath from Calgary. Your 2014 Stampede Princesses are Shannon Black from Calgary and Stephanie Patterson from Calgary. Can't wait to meet the ladies and see them at their over 400 appearances in their year of royalty.