The Alberta government has introduced legislation to provide paid sick leave for employees to receive COVID-19 vaccinations.

Bill 71 affords all working Albertans three hours of paid and protected leave which can be used twice in the case of vaccinations that require two doses.

Labour and Immigration Minister Jason Copping, who appeared live to announce the legislation on Wednesday, says it's meant to minimize the impact on employers while allowing ample time for employees.

"Getting more people immunized means that we are getting closer to be able to reopen our economy. It makes it easier for Albertans to get vaccines, taking us one step closer to the end of this pandemic. this helps our economy, protects lives and livelihoods, and helps get Albertans back to work."

Albertans are encouraged to work with employers in scheduling their vaccinations.

Copping says there was some consultation with the NDP opposition, who floated the idea the day prior.

The leave will not be available to Albertans assisting loved ones in receiving their vaccinations, which is included in B.C.'s equivalent of the same piece of legislation, and which the Alberta NDP requested.

Bill 71 received first reading and was passed on the 21st, the same day it was introduced.


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