Following a government announcement that Dynalife would be transferring all of its resources and responsibilities to Alberta Precision Laboratories, the Alberta NDP is calling for a financial audit.

"We ask that you investigate the failure of private company Dynalife to fulfill its obligations to provide lab services and the cost of moving those services back into the public service through Alberta Precision Labs," NDP Health Critic for Primary and Rural Care David Shephard wrote in a letter to auditor general Doug Wylie.

"All indications are that the decision around lab services made by the Government will cost Albertans dearly and we believe a great deal of trust has been broken with patients requiring — and deserving — quality lab services," the letter continued.

Shepard says this move will cost Albertans more tax dollars and time, so he hopes a full audit will reveal the money spent in the transfer to Dynalife, and the following transfer to Alberta Precision Laboratories.

When speaking on the transfer, Alberta Health Minister Adriana LaGrange said the government decided to make the change and end the Dynalife plan after many complaints of long wait times and lack of availability for lab services.

"Waiting weeks in some communities to book an appointment or to get test results back is just not right, and it is not acceptable, so something needed to be done," she said.

The transfer to Alberta Precision Laboratories is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.