Alberta’s NDP says it'll cancel user fees and fully fund improvements in Kananaskis County if elected next year,

The UCP government has begun enforcing its mandatory $15 per day or $90 annual charge for a K-Country Conservation Pass.

That means the grace period is over and anyone caught in the park without a pass could be fined $150.

The UCP said all revenues would be reinvested in the region, but the NDP claims budget documents show all proceeds from the pass are instead directed to general revenues.

"Albertans don’t want a paywall around K-Country. The use of this fee is not transparent, it creates a cost barrier for low-income families, and betrays the original vision for Kananaskis proposed by former premier Peter Lougheed," said Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley.

"Under an NDP government, K-Country will be open and accessible to all Albertans, regardless of their ability to pay," she added.

The pass has been criticized by some conservationists and wilderness experts for the lack of transparency around where the money generated is going.

Last year the Province said the passes brought in $10 million.