The 2023 Alberta Summer Games Committee is in search of artists.

They're commissioning a mural to commemorate next year's summer games.

A release from the 2023 Alberta Summer Games Committee details what they're hoping to see in submitted artist renderings.

The 25' by 9'8'' mural is to be painted inside the Okotoks rec centre and is intended to be a "bright and colourful symbol of togetherness, and represent the healthy value of sport, art, and community."

Messaging related to the "Rock the Games" slogan and the 2023 Alberta Summer Games logo must be included.

The rec centre's public piano will also be painted and integrated into the mural in some way.

All proposals must include:

  1. A letter of introduction
  2. A narrative and design(s) illustrating the concepts for:
    a. the overall mural
    b. the wall
    c. the piano
  3. A timeline for completion
  4. Images and reviews of previously completed works that describe the size, materials, cost and 
    location of other public works.
  5. References for earlier projects
  6. Artist(s) resume(s) or CV
    a. Highlight any previous experience with murals.
  7.  No more than ten (10) digital images of previous murals, artworks or projects, listed in 
    chronological order with the most recent as the first sample.
  8. A description of the approach to the project such as methods of surface preparation, primer 
    applications, varnish or other material to secure the longevity of the mural

To view the full release, click here.