The Alberta Barley Commission and the Alberta Wheat Commission releasing the preliminary results today.

Two plebiscites were held one for each commodity where a majority of eligible producers voted in favour of amalgamating the two commissions.

Alberta Barley Chair, Tara Sawyer says a clear direction was provided by both wheat and barley farmers on the preferred path forward for the organizations.
The preliminary results from each plebiscite was 89 per cent of barley farmers and 88 per cent of wheat farmers in support of forming one commission. 

A total of 1,569 votes were cast, with 606 barley voters and 963 wheat voters taking part in the plebiscites.

Alberta Wheat Commission Chair Greg Sears says the process has been five years in the making and both commissions have done their due diligence to ensure this is the right direction for our members and are eager to engage farmers on the path forward.