Another huge solar farm is being built in rural Southern Alberta.

Georgetown Solar's 230-megawatt project includes around 433,000 bifacial solar panels.

Vulcan county reeve Jason Schneider says the project is northwest of Mossleigh.

"This one has been in the works for probably about a year-and-a-half, they've been going through all their AUC (Alberta Utilities Commission) approvals, they were approved and now they're just getting their local development permits to go along with their provincial approval."

The local permits cover things like road and fire plans and other issues the county is responsible for.

"In comparison to some of the other ones that have been built, in Vulcan County it is a bit smaller but still in the grand scheme of things this is a large development, a thousand acres is a big chunk of land," says Schneider.

He expects they could start work in the near future.