Recently Apple iPhone users from across the world have missed their alarms and potentially could have missed or been late to work due to the glitch that has affected many phones.

The TikTok app has had a number of people complaining that they have either not heard the alarm as it was set to low volume, or the alarm just hasn't gone off at all. In the videos people are leaving comments that they have had the same issue.

People who have an iPhone should test to see if their alarms work prior to setting it for the morning, or to set another alarm with your typical alarm clock or other devices, just to make sure the issue doesn't affect them.

This has been an issue for the past week and is still ongoing as some users are still experiencing the issue today (May 3).

If the volume is the issue, to attempt to fix the problem, go to the Settings app on your iPhone, then go to the Sounds and Haptics setting, from there make sure the Ringer and Alerts slider is at a volume that's reasonable to you.