April 1, 2024, marks the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

Even though Canada had an air force since the First World War, it wasn't until 1924 that they were granted Royal Sanction by King George V to create the Royal Canadian Airforce.

To help celebrate this achievement and honour those who have and currently are serving in the Air Force, people and businesses around the world are encouraged to illuminate their place of work or home with blue on April 1 to show their support for the Air Force.

"As of right now, we are over 430 locations in 25 countries. Peru actually just joined in the list of countries this morning," explained Captain Aaron Niles, Strategic Planner and Public Affairs Officer for the Royal Canadian Air Force Centennial Day. "The Canadian Embassy in Peru is going to be one of the locations that will be illuminating." 

With several of the landmarks around the world displaying blue for a full 24 hours, Captain Niles says that several locations around the world will showing displays over the entire Easter long weekend.

If you are wanting to participate, Captain Niles says there are a few different ways you can.

"Easiest one is to light up their houses or businesses, etc,  in blue. This can be done in any way, whether it be a blue LED light, Christmas lights, etc. And post a photo on their social medias using some of our hashtags, such as #RCAF100 and #100YearsOfFlyingBlue," says Captain Niles. "If not, we encourage people to wear blue, to utilize blue whenever they can on April 1st, just to help commemorate the Air Force Centennial."  

Ideally, they are hoping for people to illuminate their places with Air Force Blue, which is 297C Pantone, but Niles says that any blue will do.

"One of the main features, not just in Illuminations, but of the Royal Canadian Air Force Centennial is the idea of YOUR Air Force," says Captain Niles. "That's the theme. It's not just people who have served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, whether in the past or present who can take ownership. Every Canadian who has ever been born, this Air Force belongs to them. They can take pride and ownership of the Air Force. And so, this is a way of helping Canadians to light up, not only in celebration of the Air Force Centennial and the men who serve, also recognize that they played a part in the proud history the Royal Canadian Air Force has had for over 100 years now."

The RCAF is hoping that enough people around the world will participate to break the Guinness World Record for the most landmarks illuminated within 24 hours.

Captain Niles says it's looking like they may actually break that record.

For anyone who wishes to participate and wants their name and location added to the RCAF website of supporters, feel free to email Captain Aaron Niles at aaron.niles@forces.gc.ca.