Fourteen High River homes are going on the auction block starting Monday, April 18.

They're located along Riverside Drive and High View Park.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says they won't all be sold at once.

"The Town will sell two properties every two weeks so there'll be one of the single-family detached homes and one of the semi-detached homes, the condos in High View Park that will be sold, one of each every two weeks," he explained.

"Just because all at once, boom, would be a gong show for everybody involved, this way we're not in any massive hurry to get this done so we just want to make sure everybody's got the time and we're not getting properties confused with each other and everybody knows what they're bidding on that week."

The houses were minimally affected by the 2013 flood but because of where they were located, the province wouldn't allow them to be occupied until the town bought them back last year.

Mayor Snodgrass says officials toured the homes last year.

"Of course the upstairs, they're dated for sure, they're older homes so most people would say they need a renovation updating them in the upstairs and then downstairs in the basements, all the basements have been remediated since the flood but they have not been rebuilt, I think there's only one home that has a fully rebuilt basement that's ready to go but the other ones it's a simple basement rebuild and they're all set to go."

The sale goes until the end of July.

Sales information and photos of the homes can be found on the town's website.

One of the homes being auctioned by the Town of High River.