Hikers came across a black bear at the very popular Troll Falls hiking trail in Kananaskis Country within the last week.

It's caused the trail to be shut down until further notice by Alberta Parks.

The short, well-maintained trail will be off-limits for now along with another trail just down Hwy 40, the Mount Kidd RV Park and residence area.

Black bears have also been spotted there however there haven't been any encounters with hikers.

Alberta Parks reminds to be cautious anywhere in K-Country as bears can be encountered anywhere.

Some of their recommendations include:

  • Make plenty of noise and travel in groups.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Look and listen for bears and their signs.
  • Keep your pet on a leash.
  • Carry bear spray. Make sure it’s easily accessible and know how to use bear spray.
  • Learn more about bear safety on our webpage or at WildSmart.

If you do have plans to visit K-Country you will need a Kananaskis Conservation Pass which are $15 for the day or $90 for a yearly pass. 

They can be purchased online or in person at a few locations, see the link for more.  You can also purchase one over the phone at 1-877-537-2757.

If you do come across a bear, you're asked to report all sightings to 403-591-7755.