With the revised Canada's Food Guide set to be released at the end of the year, the beef industry is still advocating for changes.

Manager of Public and Stakeholder Engagement with the Canadian Cattlemen's Association, Tom Lynch-Staunton, says they're worried the new Food Guide will push consumers away from beef.

"The main concerns with the Food Guide are that there's an emphasis on encouraging people to eat more plant-based protein, which we feel is going to mislead people into thinking that plant-based protein is better for you, and we would argue that it's not."

Lynch-Staunton says, you may not be getting the nutrients beef and other animal proteins provide by substituting.

"A pulse, for example,(in substitution) for meat. Now that's not saying they're unhealthy, it's just saying that they're not nutritionally equivalent to what your getting from animal proteins."

He says, they've gathered information to make their case, now the challenge will be whether Health Canada listens.

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