A couple of bike tracks are coming along nicely in Black Diamond.

The pump track expansion, announced in June, is already well underway.

Parks and recreation manager Les Quinton says it's all coming together pretty quickly.

"They actually had the main piece constructed in probably about two and a half days. There's still more work to be done, we're trying to get some loam to finish off the sides, and then we're trying to get some fines to finish off the main pathway of where they'll be riding their bikes."

A few local companies have been seeing the project through.

Woodmaster Homes paid for the design portion of the project and supplied materials, with Pettersen Contracting lending their equipment and time to the building process. A completion date has not been announced.

The second is a BMX track intended for use in the 2023 Alberta Summer Games.

Work started a few weeks ago, and again, there's been some good progress.

Quinton says crews are taking a lot of care during the construction process with smaller equipment being used, given that a portion of the track is on private land owned by the Turner Valley Golf Course.

"They've already got their pathway worked up and down the escarpment. They tried to go around trees and preserve as much as they can. Then when they get down to the lower level, a lot of the paths are already there, it's just cleaning up the edges and deliberating where the path will go."

Black Diamond is co-hosting the 2023 Alberta Summer Games with Okotoks.