A pilot from Bristol, England is back to take part in the Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival later this month.

It's not the first time Paul Burrows has been to High River.

"I think this is the eighth year, we missed one year because of COVID and we turned up one year after COVID without a balloon because the border had only just opened," he says. "We love coming here, we love flying in the area, the people are really gracious, Canadians in general are very gracious it has to be said, and it's just a good, fun, well-run event."

Pilots are coming from Europe, the U.S., and across Canada for the event.

It runs from September 27 to October 1 with the Balloon Glow set for September 29, a real highlight for Burrows.

"Absolutely, it's nice they can walk in and around us and we love saying hi and talking to them and listening to their stories and telling our stories and just spreading some of the excitement about ballooning."


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