This morning I was in downtown Calgary at Olympic Plaza a.k.a. Fluor Rope Square for some Calgary stampede fun! The breakfast started at 8:15 and lots of people came for it, the lines were huge! Apparently just at Fluor Rope Square alone each day they use about 600lbs of pancake batter and about 300lbs of bacon. I love breakfast and bacon but wow that's a lot of food! The trees in the plaza provided the perfect spot to watch the entertainment on the stage while relaxing in the shade because that sun sure was hot today!

stampede brekky
stampede watchers

Drew Gregory was there and he performed on the stage and did an amazing job! The hat stomp also happened which people really enjoyed watching too. It was great to meet people and hear them say that they listen to Sun Country and that it's their favorite radio station. I met a couple from New Zealand they were so much fun! They both got temporary Sun Country tattoos from me and even posed for a photo!

stampede tattoos

To end the morning off they had the Native Parade. Their horses were all done up in costume to go with their riders and they made a great entrance. They had all sorts of different dancers that performed such as Chicken Dancers, Grass Dancers, and many more. They even had a hoop dancer! I would love to learn how to be able to do that. It was really nice to see so many kids out there expresing their culture to show that they care about it and keeping it's spirit alive.

stampede natives6
stampede native boys1

Today was so much fun but I am ready to head home and have a nap after all of that excitement! Tomorrow I'll be at the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site for their Round Up of Memories so if you're headed for Longview or want a change of pace from all of the hustle and bustle of Stampede, please come out and visit!