The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth has revealed their poster for this years' Calgary Stampede.

It was done by Edmontonian Kane Pendry who says it took a long time to get it just right.

"I've been in the competition for three years but last year work on the painting, I did about four paintings total, that's excluding the hundreds of little thumbnail sketches and the hundreds of colour studies and all the interviews. So, it was a very thorough process but well worth it.

Pendry also said it was pretty special to win.

"I am Metis so I've been making an effort to touch back on my roots but it was really heartfelt talking to a lot of the riders. You know, I wanted to do it especially photographing. I was right up there against the rails getting yelled at from a few people to back off but I got a lot of great photos, met a lot of great people and it was a great time.

The painting is based on the Relay Races and as part of the Calgary Stampede Foundation Youth Poster Competition artist Kane Pendry also received the $10,000 Dustin Peers Memorial Scholarship.

The Calgary Stampede also announced there will be an extra heat added to this years Relay Races.  They will run two heats with ten teams for all ten days of the Calgary Stampede.

We are now less than one hundred days away from the kick off to the Calgary Stampede.

It runs from July 8th to the 17th.