This year's Nooks and Crannies Festival are well underway with the odd, colourful and goofy nestled in the forgotten corners of downtown Okotoks. 

Now into its fourth year. The festival inspires local artists to highlight spaces throughout the town large and small using items and materials many think of as disposable and forgettable.

Bottles, paper, and dozens of types of plastics make the streets shimmer in the light and musical in the rain.

New this year are the walking tours. Giving residents a chance to enjoy each of the projects on display, a special scavenger hunt for children and a finish with a local eatery spot to grab lunch. There are adult-only and family tours available.

Family Register.

Adult Register.

Link to scavenger hunt

The 4th annual Nooks & Crannies Festival opened July 16, with the art installations available for viewing until August 27.

a map of the 2022 nooks and cranniesHow many can you find?