Organizers of the car show and burnout in High River have approached town council about making a major change.

Wes Shaw and Roger Hamel want to move the burnout to a spot at the Sunset Drive-In by the agriculture grounds.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says their plan is to help out the volunteers.

"The issue that the volunteers are having is because it's held on Centre Street, one of the busiest or the busiest roads outside of 12th Avenue in town that goes right through the middle of town they have a very short window of time to be able to set that event up and a very short window of time to be able to take the event down and put it all back so we can get traffic flowing again." 

"It's becoming a lot of work for these guys and I totally understand why they want to move it," he says.

He says council doesn't want to see the very popular event leave the downtown because of the number of people it brings to town.

Council is working with the group on options.

"They gave us their ideas, we've got some ideas as to maybe is there another location in town that we can keep it downtown, is there another location that might work to be able to hold that event but also allow those guys a lot more time to be able to set up and take down."