Flooding caused Cargill to close it's doors for a week sending a ripple effect accross the country. Will cattle losses in the area cause the same effect? Photo - Don McCracken.

The cost of the floods to area cattle producers could take a while to add up.

Zone Three Director with the Alberta Beef Producers Chuck Groeneveld says ranchers know the risks going in that they'll always lose some cattle.

He says the industry, like always, will find a way to cope.

"There's lot's of cattle for sale, lot's of markets. If you think you need them there's always something somewhere you can get. But, still numbers. The one that we lose they won't produce and we won't eat them. But there's not a lot we can do."

Groeneveld says producers won't be able to tally the losses until later this summer when they move the cattle to different pastures.