Albertans will be going to the polls in a provincial election on May 29, 2023.

Amendments to the Election Act and Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act have come into force as of March 31.

The Fixed Election Date is one of the changes contained in Bill 81.

Voters will now be required to show identification prior to voting consistent with municipal and federal elections.

Here are the changes:

-Fixed Election Date: Alberta’s next Provincial General Election is scheduled for May 29, 2023.
-Mandatory Identification: Consistent with municipal and federal election processes, electors will now be required to show identification prior to voting.
-Nomination Contests: Nomination contestants are no longer required to register with Elections Alberta. Reporting of contests and endorsed contestants to  Elections Alberta will take place after the nomination contest is completed.
-Political Third Party Advertisers: The definition of political advertising no longer includes “an advertising message that takes a position on an issue” with  which a registered party, leader, MLA, candidate, leadership contestant or nomination contestant is associated.
-Contribution and Expense Limits: Limits will now round to the nearest $100. The updated limits apply to contributions throughout 2022 and expenses for -Electoral events that commenced after March 31, 2022. The political party expense limit for the 2023 Provincial General Election will now be determined  based on a calculation of $1.16 x the number of names in the Register of Electors on February 1, 2023.

Nomination contestants will have a separate contribution limit of $4,000 per person, ordinarily resident in Alberta per calendar year, in aggregate to any combination of nomination contestants and will no longer be eligible for Alberta income tax credits.

Quarterly Reporting for Constituency Associations: Constituency associations will no longer be required to file quarterly contribution reports starting with Quarter 1 2022.