Aug 25th UPDATE:  Kings, Queens and Everything In-Between Drag Show has been POSTPONED until further notice. Those who purchased tickets can contact Inclusion Foothills at 403-603-3232 for information on a refund.


A partnership between three charities hopes to drag you to their event this weekend at Hubtown Brewing.

The fourth annual Kings, Queens and Everything In Between show will bring out the style, shoes and music of a full-fledged drag show. 

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Inclusion Foothills Executive Director, Orvella Small has been helping organize the event from the beginning and prides the show for merging education and inclusion with fun and camp. 

"Experience an event that is really over the top and just learn. There's going to also be awareness materials there for people to be able to pick up. How to get in touch with those that they might need support from."

Performing in this weekend's show, as well as acting Emcee, is seasoned local Queen and Okotoks Pride president Birthday Girl (Tom Barker).

"It made sence this year to turn it into a really nice collaberation with Okotoks Pride and move the awarness and that message forward." ~Inclusion Foothills Executive Director, Orvella Small

Having been a part of the event since the beginning, Barker sees this as the community's first jump into Drag performances.

"We have shows going on all the time now, but this is really cool because it's sort of the inaugural event that always happened. It was that first step foot into the community for drag. It was the step foot into the community for a lot of the queer people here for anybody who's part of the Pride community. They always knew that show, so it was very cool. 

"Now it's almost full circle for me, both as a performer, as the president of Okotoks Pride it's cool for us to be now part of it. You know, two, three, now four years later."

The night will showcase performers in drag but also be holding a silent auction, photo booth and door prizes. 

Kings, Queens and Everything In Between runs in collaboration with The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Chinook Arch. A mainstay crew of the event says Small.

"This is who we started out with and what's really neat for us is they don't charge us. They're a charity and they do the 50/50 at the event. They give the 50/50 funds that they make to charities they support."

To Barker, the most important part is that all the money raised stays here in the Foothills.

"These funds are going to help us launch some more programming. We’re currently working with the town on some programs … Just to help queer kids and youth be able to get some programming in the world that they live in every day. There's also going to be some parent programs and some other stuff happening with us too. 

"It's obviously going to help us get our festival going 'cause we're back in festival planning season for next year."

Tickets are $40 a person at the link below or call 403-603-3232. They are expecting to sell out so they recommend bringing a chair.

Get your tickets here.