Today was great because I was able to spend it at one of my favorite places to visit, The Bar U Ranch! It was their 4th annual Chuckwagon Cookoff. There were 8 teams that were there all hoping to win the title of having the best beef stew. Two teams were from the Calgary Stampede which was neat and the Calgary Stampede Cake Posse was also there with cake for the Stampede's centennial. It was really tough to chose who to vote for because they stews were all so good! In the end though I knew who to chose.

The Cuckwagon Cookoff celebrates back when the chuckwagon cook was the most important person in the outfit so today everyone was gathered at the Round-Up Campsite at The Bar U Ranch to watch the competitors cook over a campfire like how it was done many years ago.

food samples

The beef stews weren't the only food we got to watch be made today, we also got to watch ice cream be made by a horse! I know it probably sounds crazy but what happened is that they had what looked like a big tredmill for a horse that was connected to the churner of the ice cream bucket so that when the horse stepped onto the tredmill the power from the horse walking on this tredmill was used to move the churner in the ice cream bucket that in the end resulted in yummy vanilla icecream!

Despite the weather today lots of people came out to the ranch to enjoy the cookoff which was really great to see. They had tents sent up so you could get out of the wind and light rain for a bit and a campfire going with cowboy coffee and tea to help keep people warm.

It was another good day at The Bar U Ranch and I can't wait to go back again!

kids pet horse - copy