There is a cold front moving through central and southern Alberta today (July 11th), and it may cause some unpleasant weather.

Alysa Pederson, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment & Climate Change Canada, says the cold front could cause a thunderstorm as it drifts through.

"Because we still have a lot of heat today, it looks like the development is going to be later in the afternoon, along the foothills," Pederson explains. "And then those storms are anticipated to move to the southeast. So, essentially for Calgary, Okotoks, if anything forms to the northwest of you, that would be kind of what's going moves through those areas and then, of course, to the east."

Pederson says that area covers almost all of central and southern Alberta, east of Highway 2.

If the storm does develop, Pederson says we may be in for severe conditions.

There could be large hail, ranging from 3 to 6 cm, wind gusting up to 130 km/hr, and upwards of 50 mm of rain.

Luckily, though, Pederson says there doesn't seem to be much chance of a tornado, but there some potential for a supercell.

Supercells are thunderstorms that have a mesocyclone, which is a rotating updraft, and according to Pederson, the Town of Nanton experienced one recently.

This weekend also looks as though there could be some unpleasant weather.

"It does look like, both Saturday and Sunday are a little bit more unsettled than we've had over the last week. So, thunderstorm activity likely developing on the foothills and then moving east over the area is possible for this weekend."

After this weekend, Peterson says to keep an eye on the weather for next week, because there is the potential for another heat event.

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